Can't Import Products With Variations

CS-Cart v. 4.7.3

While importing got the following errors:

ErrorCouldn't import product 100260: configurable product can't have variation options.

ErrorCouldn't import product 100261: option "Size" doesn't have variant "PET Bottle 115 ml / 3.89 oz.".

ErrorCouldn't import product 100262: option "Size" doesn't have variant "PET Bottle 500 ml / 16.9 oz.".

Product code 100260 is the main product 100261 and 100262 are variations.

In order to correctly import these products I manually created 5 products, two with no variations, three with different variations. I then exported them and opened up the .csv file to reproduce exactly the needed columns for all of my other products. The new .csv file has the same number of columns as the exported one has.

I tried re-imported the .csv file created when exported the manually created products. It works flawlessly. I then added the three lines of a new products with two variations and got the errors above. The first three products imported with no problem.

What am I missing?

File (Import Try.txt) [attachment=13160:Import Try.txt]is attached.
Note: Last product in the file, Bergamot #100260 and its variations 100261 and 100262 will not import and return the errors noted above.


Import Try.txt

Product 100260, you have a space " " instead of nothing "" in the Variation options.

Oh my!

Thank you... got to "TRIM" these fields.