Can't get rid of this plus (+) symbol!

Hello, I am new here and just got my teeth on this great shopping cart… few questions to ask now… will appreciate your help!

1 - how can I remove the unusual plus (+) symbol in the drop menu on my test store [url][/url] , from 2nd product down?

2 - how do I hide the quantity box from this page?

That’s it so far… thanks in advance.

Change it to “List without options”

You can customize the look of your categories. It’s in Settings: Appearance

Scroll down to “Default templates for products list” and set “List without options” or “Compact list”

Great advise however both options show 2nd product without price which I don’t want…more assistance please!

This is because your 2nd product has some options with different prices. That’s why there’s no price.

You can try to modify category list tempates to display the base price, but this will take time and some knowledge is required.


Are you trying to show that the available options have those prices as their full price and not as a modifier? If you are then you’ll have to go to product_options.tpl and remove the (+) in the following code (this is my code in 2.0.8 but should be similar if you’re using a later version):

{if $po.option_type == “S”} {Selectbox}…

{hook name=“products:options_modifiers”}{if $vr.modifier|floatval}(+ …

Hope this helps! Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to apply any promotions to these items if there isn’t a “base” price for the product. If you only have pricing at the option level then promotions will not work.



it says if $vr.modifier|floatval}({include file=“common_templates/modifier.tpl”… and I couldn’t find the plus (+) symbol unless I have been looking into wrong files.

Also, how do I get rid of quantity text box as my shop needs to sell based on the selected variant?


have spend hour(s) on searching but couldn’t get my head around … I believe it’s a small fix but needs direction by someone please…!

Ok…so your file has changed from 2.0.8. I’m not sure where you would find the (+) sign then - sorry.

I’m not sure what the problem is with the quantity box. The customer can select the appropriate option on that page so I’m not sure why you want to remove the quantity box. Can you explain further?


To remove the plus sign change:



{if $display_sign}{if $class}{/if}{if $mod_value > 0}+{else}-{/if}{if $class}{/if}{/if}


{*{if $display_sign}{if $class}{/if}{if $mod_value > 0}+{else}-{/if}{if $class}{/if}{/if}}*

Or just remove the line, your choice.

This is for 2.0.11, but it should be the same for the previous versions. Also by changing this I don’t know what else it will change as I haven’t fully tested it.

I hope it helps anyways,



Thanks for this information. I needed to do the same modification.

Just wondering if there is a way to use hooks for “common_templates/modifier.tpl” and not have to change this file every time the skin or something else using this file is updated.


You might be able to create your own hook, but in doing so you would still be modifying this file. From the best I can tell you can’t use a hook for this, or at least easily.

One thing about this file is that looking back through the upgrades, I am not sure if has been changed since the start of the 2.x series. My file was created on March 4, 2009 so I believe there haven’t been any changes.

Since the upgrades work the way they do now, if you change this file it is doubtful that CS-Cart will be overwriting it any time soon. Of course there is no guarantee with this.


Thanks for your great advise however it has not worked yet… I have editied following file;


removed the following line even the file form the server but prices keep appearing with plus sign …

{if $display_sign}{if $class}{/if}{if $mod_value > 0}+{else}-{/if}{if $class}{/if}{/if}

I think that’s the only thing putting me off before I proceed… however Im sure, I will solve this with your valuable help.


I just did what brandonvd said and it worked perfectly. Just commented out the one line in the mondifier.tpl

Using 2.0.11


great … it has worked now … all of you - I really appreciate your help. thank you so much.