Cant fix this grid


Who can help me to make this grid.

The column of the right, how to fix that?

Thanks a lot.


You need to create nested grids. Basically grids inside grids. Create a large grid and then create smaller grids inside of it. You might have to go three grid layers deep to create your layout.

Hi Triplets,

Thx for your awser, but i dont understand it.


Look at [url=“”][/url] or

See the big Grid 8 with several nested grids in it.

Search google for nested grids to understand the concept.

Thx a lot.

Help wanted.

It's F harder than I thought, who helps me further?

Your top two blocks are straight forward. Create 2 Grid 16s

For your middle block (the one with all the nested grids) create it like this:

  1. Start with one large Grid 16
  2. Within this grid create a Grid 12 and Grid 4
  3. Within the Grid 12 create two more Grid 12s
  4. Within the top Grid 12 from step 3 create two more Grid 12s
  5. Within the bottom Grid 12 from step 3 create three Grid 4s

    Your bottom block is straight forward. Create one Grid 16s

TOP, GREAT. Thx a lot.