Can't Figure Out Image Url

Hi guys.

Having trouble with 4.13.3

Upgraded OK but then had the site moved to an upgraded version of SQL

Site now not as it such be.

Support is bogged down.

I 'may' just do a fresh install of 4.13.3 after exporting all current products.


After exporting Images I can't specific the current urls.

I tested one of them but the image won't load.

In export it reads /var/files/1/exim/backup/AO-badge-TDAKS_tfqx-oa_5205-rr.png#{[en]:;}


No good


No good

I was able to bulk edit the url's when I originally exported to Shopify but that was years ago and I have deleted the original .csv files :(

I need the full url because I 'may' save a copy of the var file, rename it, upload it to root of the fresh installation of 4.13.3
Maybe it would just be OK to refer to the renamed file when importing..{[en]:;}

( I don't think the #{[en]:;} is necessary from memory ).

If you use default import settings, looks like the images directory is missed in your URLs

P.S. Both your examples should work with correct path

D'OH!! Yes I forgot /images/ .

Thank you.