Can't edit or delete product tabs


I am using version 3.05, and I can’t edit or delete the product tabs for each individual product. tried to attach a screenshot, but it doesn’t show how the edit/delete features are unavailable when I hover over them.

Thank you!

Hello medrep,

Thank you for your request.

As far as I understand, you are talking about the Features product tab. Please note that it is impossible to edit/remove this tab for a particular product. You can only disable/enable it.

Thank you.

Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

When editing a product you cannot edit the Product Tabs. How can this be resolved? Please see image.

Thank for the help.


Product Tabs.jpg

The edit/delete more than likely shouldn't be there. Most tabs are are addons and should be edited/installed/uninstalled within the addon section.