Cant Delete Product Images

I have had a problem, and asked CS cart support to check a while ago but they said clear the cache and problem solved. Thing is, problem was solved for 10 minutes and then returned.

When I try delete a product image or even a whole product (with image) in the admin, it just hangs for minutes, then I have to refresh the screen, only then is the product image (or product) is deleted.

This means I can only ever delete 1 at a time, and I have now found if I do more than 5 or 6 consecutively the config firewall on server locks me out.

Would this maybe a premission issue on the images folder or can anyone have a clue

cs-cart 4.5.2



Do you see any errors in the server error logs when the issue occurs?

Problem was solved by CS support

"It is caused by a huge amount of folders in the thumbnails folder. Whenever you are trying to delete an additional product image, CS-Cart also delete its thumbnails. To delete a thumbnail, CS-Cart have to search for it in the subfolders of the images/thumbnails folder of your CS-Cart installation. And since there are about 10,000 folders in it, CS-Cart spends a lot of time to find the needed one file. If the process takes too much time, PHP can terminate script execution due to timeouts and that's why sometimes you had to update the page.

In this case we recommend you to clear the thumbnails in your store. This can be done in two ways:

1. In the admin panel go to Administration > Storage > Clean up generated thumbnails.
2. Delete the /images/thumbnails folder in your CS-Cart installation.

Once the thumbnails are removed they will be generated once again whenever the image will be accessed.!