Cant change skins or Design mode

I put this in the bug tracker and they said they don’t know what I am talking about and to put a support ticket in.

Around thanksgiving we were thinking about changing our skin to a different one just for that day. I was able to change to another skin just to see how it looks and made no changes and switched back. When that day came we tried to change to another skin and it looks like it did everything but still showed the same thumbnail and skin never changed.

Did some searching on these forums and some people were talking about not being able to enable translation mode and or customization mode.

I checked and we cant do these either.

We have not changed anything. Only change was 11/24 was update to 2.0.10.

But I remember this happening once before on one of the first versions of 2.

In my opinion, from looking through these forums and from my own experiences, most of the problems are either due to bugs in the software or related to updating. I can almost guarantee that most that are having troubles after updating, if you overwrite your files with the full version, you will solve a lot of the updating problems. As for the existing bugs…well, you know the typical process.

WOW this is really dumb. I was just doing some checking around and took a look at

Bug Tracker

SEO Not Working With Google


I checked ours and it shows

google sitemap on webmaster tools. URLs submitted 32 and indexed 2

So I did the fix

So I went into my addon/sgoogle sitemap options and hit clear the cache.

Next thing you know. All that enable translation mode and customization mode all came on.

Now that is all working and now can change skins ect and cs cscart said this was not a bug.