Can't Add New Vendor After 99Th

Hi there.

I'm having a little prob on a 4.8.2 MV edition (a bit old i know, but i won't touch it).

We have 99 vendors here, and we want to add a new one... and we can't. When we submit the form, Validation appears and block at the beginning.

I tried to remove a vendor, so i removed all his orders before, and tried to remove it, i can't either cause it tells me to remove orders before...

So questions :

- If i want to remove a vendor, should i manually remove something from the database ?

- Does Cs Cart MV limit us in numbers of vendors ?

Thanks :)

Okay i got it.

I couldn't add new vendors cause of the new Chrome update, nothing to do with the numbers of vendors.

Link to fix it if someone need it :