Canonical Not Working

Hello All,

We recently switched from HTTP -> HTTPS and noticed something rather strange...the canonical settings that were originally part of the software are no longer working as before. Prior to the switch, everything was working great and our pages and product pages we performing really well in SERPS but since the migration things have gone south. Our store has taken a hit in SERPS and NOT performing as well.

We are currently running Cs Cart ver 4.2.4

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated!


Did you set "Secure full site" or "Secure profile, checkout and order pages" on the Settings -> Secure settings page?

This is what it looks like on the backend if that's what you asking. See attached.


Since it's an older version, follow this guide for 4.2.x.

@ The Tool...I followed the directives in the guide but could not locate the func.php file located in the app/addons/seo directory on my server.

Please advise.


Nevermind...I found it!

Issue fixed now!

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate your help very much!!