Canonical Links & Search Engine Indexing

Long story short after upgrading the site with the cscartrocks add-on for canonical links and duplicate content, the site lost all its search engine placements. I do not know if anyone has any experience with this happening? I also upgraded to 2.2.1, but I think that is unrelated.

Since the indexing is already lost I am wondering if I should switch back or wait it out, and see if things improve.

Did you check google webmaster? You were probably punished for something.

I saw a few 404 errors after implementing it, probably because I didn't 301 redirect the duplicate web addresses. That is my guess… but my site got decimated in google (every page except the news pages).

In bing the homepage shows up ahead of the product pages for my keywords now, which is strange.

Here is a link to my site, in case I am missing anything obvious.


So what does google webmaster say? No warnings?

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So what does google webmaster say? No warnings?


I had a bunch of 404 errors on pages that should not have 404 errors (they were valid links). Haven't had any errors for at least a week. May have been caused by the upgrade to 2.2.1. I reverted back to 2.1.4, so we'll see if it makes any difference.

According to google only 53 pages of 200 are indexed, which is off. I also am moving away form the built in sitemap generator, and to a 3rd party sitemap generator.