Cannot upload images since 2.0.3

I can’t upload images anymore in the admin section. When I tried, the page just returns “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. Firefox displays a blank page…

Very occasionally, the image will upload OK, but 99 time out of 100 it fails. In version 2 RC1, everything was OK.

It could possibly be a connection timeout (the images are actually tiny) - is there a setting for this?

In fact, things are even worse…

If I try to make any changes, they seem to be timing out when I hit the save button. For example, adding a Payment Processor, it fails as well!

Looks like your server is out of memory.

Either that or the firewall is heavily enforced.

I suggest two things:

Check your error log for anything that refers to memory exhausted

Contact your webhost regarding the issue. Remind them that this was working prior.

Hi there,

It turns out it was an ISP issue. Packets were being lost when uploading data. Everything is OK, so CS-CART was just fine!

Thanks for your help though!