Cannot See The Option Of Reinstalling Seo Addon After Uninstalled


Running 4.2 version of cs-cart, I uninstalled the SEO addon as it was not working and thought to reinstall again but after uninstalling, it is not showing the option to install again, also can't see the SEO addon in addons. Can anyone guide how to re-[attachment=10319:cscart 2015-11-06 at 7.23.23 am.png]install it again.

cscart 2015-11-06 at 7.23.23 am.png


Try Add-ons -> Manage add-ons -> Browse all available add-ons.

You will see the uninstalled SEO add-on in the list of all available add-ons.


The above said is correct. Once again for your info "Add-ons -> Manage add-ons -> Browse all available add-ons"