Cannot See Credit Card Description Fields

Just upgraded to v2.0.xx.

When I go to test the order through the checkout, and go to the credit card, the description fields are off the page??

ie cardholders name, card number etc. The table field it looks like collapses to the left of the table.


Another issue with your “SKIN” is the left navigation and your flash banner on your home page and other pages where do you use the central banner.

background:url(“”) no-repeat scroll right 6px transparent

For some reason your css file appears either corrupted, extremely modified or something has been injected into the file.

Your CSS file:’m very fluent with upgrade issues, so if you require paid assistance feel free to contact me.

For this specific matter edit BOTH styles.css and styles.base.css and remove this element:

.form-field label {
font:12px verdana,geneva,arial,helvetica,sans-serif;