Cannot Save Theme Edits


I just installed the latest version of CS-Cart in a fresh location, as I’m ultimately looking to migrate another shopping cart to CS-Cart once I have it setup the way I like. However, I seem to be unable to edit the theme using the visual editor.

I can make changes in the panel to the left, but if I click “Save”, it prompts me for a theme name, I type a unique name, click OK, but nothing seems to happen. No theme (style?) is saved using the name I typed in, and my changes are not saved if I navigate away from the page.

Also, any links I click inside the page I am editing (which is just the home page of the store) do not respond, so I can’t even get to any other pages to try and edit them.

I assume this is a permissions problem of some sort. Does anyone have any advice so I can get to work customizing the theme?



Anybody? Thanks ! :)

Same problem here. The save button doesn't do anything. This used to work fine and I rarely use it, but I went in today to try adding a background image and it will not save.

Look like only two people have this issue. Please contact CS-Cart support team