Cannot restore after failed upgrade 2.08 to 2.09

I made a full backup made before attempting to upgrade from 2.08 to 2.09.

Upgrade failed

I wanted to restore 2.08

I get this error:

[QUOTE]Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 10 seconds exceeded in /home/www/c31a3186d3f35acebada21841xxxxxxxxxx/web/shop/core/db/mysql.php on line 53[/QUOTE]

Provider does not allows scripts duration longer than 10 seconds.

How do I solve this?


Ask you host to temporarily allow for scripts to run longer than 10 seconds?..

I am still in the middle of nowhere…

After 2.09 installation failure… Database crahed during restore process…

Here is shop login error message.


Database error: Table ‘xxxxxxx.cscart_block_positions’ doesn’t exist (1146)

Invalid query: SELECT location FROM cscart_block_positions WHERE object_id = 0


File: /home/www/c31a3186d3f35acebadaxxxxxxxxxxxx/web/shop/core/fn.database.php

Line: 310

Function: db_error

File: /home/www/c31a3186d3f35acebadaxxxxxxxxxxxx/web/shop/core/fn.database.php

Line: 102

Function: db_query

File: /home/www/c31a3186d3f35acebadaxxxxxxxxxxx/web/shop/core/fn.cms.php

Line: 553

Function: db_get_row

File: /home/www/c31a3186d3f35acebadaxxxxxxxxxxx/web/shop/core/fn.cms.php

Line: 510

Function: fn_sort_blocks

File: /home/www/c31a3186d3f35acebadaxxxxxxxxxxx/web/shop/controllers/customer/init.php

Line: 51

Function: fn_get_blocks

File: /home/www/c31a3186d3f35acebadaxxxxxxxxxxx/web/shop/core/fn.control.php

Line: 487

Function: include

File: /home/www/c31a3186d3f35acebadaxxxxxxxxxxxx/web/shop/core/fn.control.php

Line: 352

Function: fn_run_controller

File: /home/www/c31a3186d3f35acebadaxxxxxxxxxxxxx/web/shop/index.php

Line: 27

Function: fn_dispatch[/QUOTE]

I did not have any files backup.

Checking the date some files are most probably modified 2.09

One idea is to reinstall 2.08 on the same directory as before and using the same DB as previously.

After successfull intall restoring the backup DB should put me at my starting point (before update).

Does this make sense?

(My feer is my 2.08 DB backup will not match freshly installed 2.09)

Does anyone know where I can get the 2.08 install package?

I do not have it since I made upgrades starting 2.04.

Also not available in the “file area”.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Problem solved… after fresh 2.08 reinstall.

Thanks for helping by giving me access to the 2.08 package.