Cannot Redeclare Fn_Fill_Sequential_Options()

upgraded my dev site through a few upgrades today and now get service unavailable with this message.
I assume some of my options that have sequential is causing problems.
it affects only when accessing the products detail page.
line 305 is below the code in bold
PHP Fatal Error

Cannot redeclare fn_fill_sequential_options() (previously declared in /home/hiviscou/public_html/dev/app/functions/fn.order_management.php:343)

Error at
app/controllers/common/, line: 305


* Fills sequential options with default values. Necessary for cart total calculation
* @param array $item Cart item
* @param int $changed_option Changed option identifier
* @return array New options list
function fn_fill_sequential_options($item, $changed_option)
$params['pid'] = $item['product_id'];
list($product) = fn_get_products($params);
$product = reset($product)