Cannot Open Store

I am on version 3.03 and attempted to install upgrade 3.04. This automatically closed the store. I rolled back the upgrade but still cannot open the store. There is NO link at the bottom of the page to open or close the store. That is one of a few things missing in my admin panel, including Adminstration/logs.

Is there a way to manually enable the store? PLEASE HELP, I must open the store.

Sounds like the admin user you are logging in as is either in an administrator group that has those permissions restricted or the “is_root” column in cscart_users table for that user is not 'Y'.

Maybe the Close Storefront is now in your 'Settings' > General as a tick box.

Shouldn't be in V3. He stated he upgraded from 3.0.3 to 3.0.4. Maybe a typo and if he did go to V4, then that would be true.

Thank you so much, tbirnseth, is_root was indeed set to N, I've set it to Y and I'm waiting for a process to finish so i can see if that works. Yes, it was rolled back to 3.03, no typo.

ok, i have set “is_root” to Y and restarted mysql, logged back in, and still no open store option. Any other suggestions? I really thoought that would do it, but it did not.

THANK YOU! I don't know why chainging “is_root” didn't work, but that info enabled me to search for other accounts with “is_root” set to Y. I changed the email address for that admin account to mine, reset the password, and I now have the open store option.


My guess would be that the user you were using was in the Administrator's admin group and that permission to close storefront was not “checked”.