Cannot log to ADMIN anymore!

I feel real stupid!

I cannot access to the ADMIN panel.

It redirect me to the front store.

I also can login to the store as a customer.

But front store does not show categories anymore.

Before that I was working on Localisations and shipping cost, but did not finish the job.

I did not update Catalog Users, etc with localisations.

How do I get the infos via FTP?

cannot find in config.local.php

If your host has done a back up you should be able to download a copy of your database that was backed up before your error. You can usually download a back up from your host or download it via FTP. You’ll have to drop your current tables using PHPMyAdmin on the server (you can’t do this using FTP) and import the backed up database.

If all you need to do is change the admin passwaord you can create a new MD5 hash at [url][/url], log into your server control panel and again using PHPMyAdmin, change the admin password using the new MD5 hash value. Save your changes and you should be able to log in again.

Thanks a lot Roban!

Your solutions will be helpfull for the “next time” but I was lucky enough doing the following:

I found this in KB2.0 “Users/administrators/The administrator cannot log in to the panel”

[QUOTE]1. Use the e-mail address entered during CS-Cart installation as the e-mai required for logging in and the password that you used before.[/QUOTE]

In the Admin loggin panel:

  • clicked “password forgotten”
  • typed in the email adress I gave at install time.
  • just waited for the returning email containing the loggin link.