cannot install cs cart


I need to access a domain in my vpsaccount that has not resolved yet.

I need to work on the domain name through a temporary URL. I wanted to use the dedicated ip to basically configure the site. I have done this in the past on another server using LXAdmin. The thing is domain is still pointing to old IP

How can I use the ip address to basically install the php shopping cart script?

I tried using http://New_IP_address:7778/sitepreview/domain_name . It will not let me walk through the script to the next page. Which means it shows the page

CS-Cart is not installed. Please click here to start the installation process: [install]

and when i click “I agree with these terms” in Step 1: License agreement and click “NEXT” it shows the same page.

Can anyone help?

in (cscart_beta2) edit config.local.php.

In the variable named $config[‘http_host’] simply change it to your IP address. This should have the cart use your specific IP. Don’t you have an ‘Alias’ for your domain to use rather than an IP? If so, put the ‘Alias’ in there.