Cannot install CS-CART


I am trying to install a fully licensed cs cart but every time i try it gives me an error.

I am creating the database.

After i unpack it, i change the permissions to IMAGES, SKINS, VAR to 777 and the config.local.php to 666, as it says in the installation manual.

After that it says to access and it should work, but it’s not , it always gives an error saying FORBIDDEN, or error 404, 403.

I googled the problems and i saw that mod_security has to be turned off, and i did copy the mod_security code into the .htaccess file, but still not working, nothing is changed.

I would really appreciate some help.



If your server uses suPHP or FastCGI then the file permissions should be as below:

all files = 644

all directories = 755

Or contact your hosting provider and ask for help. It’s 100% a server (php) configuration issue.