Cannot get past default order #

V2.0.4 plus V2.0.5

No matter what we set the intial order # to, it is stuck on the same number (#16777215)…

This means only ONE order (the first test order) can be processed and any additional orders cause a database error since it is trying to submit duplicate order #/customer data.

Have anyone else seen this issue and where did this #16777215 number come from??



No one has had this problem pop up? With the execption of the order PDF printing format not being correct, this is the only other (major) problem we have found.

If we cannot fix the order # assigment, we cannot proceed…



I have the same problem with placing order and database restore

Database error: Duplicate entry ‘16777215’ for key 1 (1062)

The shop cannot run if placing order doesn’t work

I found the problem:

16777215 (8 digit) is the limit of order number. If you set the “Initial order ID value” over 8 digits. It automatically number the order as 16777215, It reaches the final order of your shop.

TO fix this, you should delete the order # 16777215 in the Orders tab. Set “Initial order ID value” with less digits and it works.

Good luck!