Cannot get download files to work!

I have been reading forums, FAQ’s and Google-ing for days now, and can’t find a solution.

I sell digital products, downloadable files. Have found all settings, but as soon as i UPLOAD a product (an .exe file) either from local, server, or URL, all seems to work fine.

However, all I find in the /var/downloads folder are subfolders with a number as name. Like 29785.

They are EMPTY! So the customer gets a 0 bytes fie to download. :rolleyes:

Even manually (ftp) adding the proper file to the downloads folder, and then selecting it as a Product File from SERVER, will not yield any better results.

I am at my whit’s end… HELP !! PLEASE !

Kind regards,


There might be a restriction for .exe files. Try to put the .exe file in a folder and compress it to a .zip file.

You are BRILLIANT ! Did it and that worked… Thank you so much !:smiley:

I’m glad I was able to help.