Cannot enable SEO addon

I have tried to enable the SEO addon and am getting the error message " SEO friendly URLs are disabled. Check your web server …"

I am pretty sure I have the mod_rewrite engine on. A post on my VPS’s forums showed me first how to look it up and then test it and it appears to be working.

Anything else in server config that I may be missing?

mod_rewrite is compiled with Apache by default on my system and I also have the .htaccess file with the “RewriteEngine On” statement.

Please advise if you have a method for testing that mod_rewrite is enabled (for me to reconfirm) and/or any other config that may be required to get the SEO addon working.

I am using CS-Cart 2.1.1,


I had that problem as well, what i did was unistall the addon then reinstall the addon and it worked.


Hi thanks for the response.

Sorry took me a while to get back to this but it looks like that did it!!

At least it is rewriting the urls, although now i am getting error 404’s on all the pages…will look into it and see what is going on