Cannot create a user group that can create other users!

I'm trying to give a user group permission to create other users. This doesn't seem to work at all. No matter what permissions (I haven given them full access as a test and still nothing) I give their user group they still get a 403 Access denied error page when trying to create a new admin user. Any ideas?

What exactly are you trying to say? Are you trying to create another user with admin rights where he's able to create users?

If so, follow these instructions.

  1. Create a User Group called User Administrator
  2. Under previleges > tick Manage user groups, Manage users, View user groups & View users
  3. Creat an Administrator
  4. Once the Administrator is created, select “User Administrator” under “User Group” and make active.

Only the primary admin user (or an admin not in an Administrators group) can add administrative users.

Why would you want to let someone create admin users? Seems pretty insecure.