Cannot Connect In Admin


I need help,

Since 2/3 days when I want to connect in admin, the page turns and turns but does not open.

I tried on different computers and the problem is the same, it's a bit like he couldn't find the page.

Do you have an idea ?

thanks in advance

Sorry for my bad english, i am french native :-)

Try to delete the var/cache directory from the File manager of hosting panel

Hello eCom


il delette var/cache The problem is the same.

Any other idea ?


Try the following solution

hella eCom this solution dont work

UPDATE cscart_settings_objects SET value='N' WHERE name='secure_admin'

MySQL a répondu :

#1146 - Table 'savonfravqsa.cscart_settings_objects' doesn't exist

Looks like non-default tables prefix is used. Please check actual value in the config.local.php file

$config['table_prefix'] = 'cscart_';

Thanks for your answer .

I had chosen another prefix, it corerespond well to what I have in phpmyadmin.

What is strange is that the failure is recent, it's been 3 years it works without problem