Cannot Add Or View Catagories And Products After Install

Hi y'all, just installed CS-CART v4 on Unix running PHP 5.3.27. Installation went fine, database connected etc. but when we try and add either a catagory or product it goes to a page that can display the background and pop up alerts - but nothing else.

We can add products and catagories using the bulk-add feature, but you cannot edit the products, or view the individual products as a customer on the site - it returns a blank page:

One last piece of info - we can't seem to activate the SEO addOn although we've followed all the instructions we've read online.

...oh and nothing shows in the error log!


Have got ISP to activate error log:

[05-Mar-2014 13:21:43 Europe/Moscow] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught → Smarty: Unable to load template tygh 'addons/discussion/views/discussion/components/average_rating.tpl' in 'addons/discussion/hooks/products/data_block.pre.tpl' ←

thrown in /hsphere/local/home/coolaz730/ on line 127

OK, noticed that addons/discusssion template finding was the ish, so disabled it in AddOns. Can now +catagories and +products…

Well, you can't have everything - you cannot Quick View (Oops Internal Error!) or expanded view the added products (blank (white) page) when in customer view of the site.