Cannot add new users or open the storefront


We’ve recently had the need to create a development instance of our live cart in order to test upgrades, new addons, as well as develop new pieces for our theme.

Upon installing CS Cart into a subdirectory on our domain, updating the database and the dynamic elements of the architechure so this new instance would run in our “sandbox”, we lost the abiliy to add new users and open the storefront after upgrading our CS Cart version from 2.1.4 to 2.2.1.

I’ve trolled the forums and in terms of being able to open the storefront, it cannot be force opened and I receive a permissions error. Same thing happens when I attempt to create a new user for one of the developers on our team.

As an aside - we did originally engage a third party development team to create our theme and several dynamic elements as well. The purpose for creating a new theme is to make sure our efforts are compliant with any and all upcoming CS Cart updates, so having a development instance where we can test and shoehorn as needed is extremely important for our business.

Any and all assistance or feedback is welcomed. Thanks in advance.