Cannot add new category

I am evaluating a new 60 day installation.

I deleted all the categories, which were from the demo data.

Now when I try to add a new category, I get database errors…:frowning:

Please help…

Database error: Incorrect integer value: ‘’ for column ‘product_columns’ at row 1 (1366)

Invalid query: INSERT INTO cscart_categories (parent_id, status, usergroup_ids, position, timestamp, age_verification, age_limit, default_layout, selected_layouts, product_columns) VALUES (‘0’, ‘D’, ‘’, ‘10’, ‘1279231200’, ‘N’, ‘0’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’)

Hi Bela,

If no one help you to debug, just upload config.local.php to the root directory of cs-cart , it will allow you to re-install, and reinstall CS-cart without demo data. That will be another fast way to solve your problem.

Well, support wants me to pay, which in a way I understand, since I just downloaded the 60 day demo.

On the other side, it is obvious to me, that this is some sort of a bug in CS-CART, and find it discouraging, that they dont want to help.

I have tried 10+ carts, even Magento, which is a pain to install and administer, but never had these kind of problems.

I actually own a hosting company…

Thanks for you advice anyway, but I think I will just look for something else.

Reinstallation is not that nice, as I already started to do the Hungarian translation…

Its a pity, as otherwise I really like CS Cart.


If it was a bug within the cart, you would see many posts on the subject. How support goes about bugs is if you can’t reproduce the problem on the demo site, then it’s not a bug.

It might be a bug which only comes out with a certain server configuration, or mysql/apache combo, etc.

Also, I dont know if the 60 day demo code is the same as the one on the live demo server here…

I am not a programmer.

But I see your point.

Hi Bela,

I did couple sites with demo data first and deleted them as you said, but I don’t have same situation as you.

If you just translated cs-cart under the content → language, you can go to Administration → Export Data → translations on right panel, select your lanaguange under Export options section, and click Export button to export your language file to kept your translation or did more local modification. Then use Administartion → Import data to import them back…

Did try to key-in these VALUES (‘0’, ‘D’, ‘’, ‘10’, ‘1279231200’, ‘N’, ‘0’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’) directly inside mysql table, cscart_categories? maybe it will work for you…lol