Cannot add blocks!

Ok, so I’ve had this issue for a long time now (since “groups” were added) but no one ever found any answer for me on the forums, so I just ignored it until now because I really need this feature, badly!

When I add a block (any) in the admin, it doesn’t appear anywhere like it should. Usually it used to appear somewhere, then I drag it where I want it.

So I did my own research. I checked the database to see what happens when I add a new block, and it does appear in the database, but no where on the website. When I looked in more detail, I figured out what the issue is! Whenever I add a block, it simply does not add any “group_id” in the “cscart_block_positions” table for that new “block_id” I just created. It gives it a “0” id. When I change it to “83” (which is left column group for me) it shows up now.

Can anybody tell me what webpage is supposed to create the default group_id when adding a block, or what I should do?



same here after upgrade