Cannot access index.php or admin.php post install

I've just installed CS Cart for the first time on a local MAMP setup

The installer ran fine from http://cscartdemo.local/install/ and I can still access this page.

Although the installer indicated everything went OK, i can't access http://cscartdemo.local/index.php or http://cscartdemo.local/admin.php, the browser just says

waiting for csscartdemo.local…" and nothing loads

I've put a test file which I created at http://cscartdemo.local/test.php and I can access that fine.

Any idea what the problem might be? My permissions appear to be correct.

It seems that 'iconv_substr' function does not work on MAMP and must be commented out of “fn.common.php” file in the “core” directory in order to see either the ADMIN or STOREFRONT sections after a fresh install.