Canada Error: No Shipping Options Available Warning

My site has been going strong on CS for over 10 years. Today I had a Canadian customer state we didn't have shipping to their area. While we do, there is a problem when the customer selects Canada as their country. The warning pops up saying we don't ship there. If they select their province (any) it shows the price for shipping but the warning still stays. So this is confusing to the customer. I thought it may have something to do with the "select state" that appears by default when you pick a country but with the U.S. and Great Britain I don't see this warning so not sure why it only happens with Canada. Suggestions?

Did you install any 3rd party addon or upgrade the store recently?

Hard to say when this started so possibly it could be caused by a different single page checkout add-on I switched to about a month ago. There have been some other add-ons but they aren't related to checkout or shipping. Even find it odd that the new checkout would cause the issue (since other countries work fine) but who knows. Will check with the developer and see if they see anything.

Just to update this post: developer acted like this was normal behavior so just disabled the pop-up warning for me. I also reworded the warning on page to state they need to choose their State/Province in order to show shipping options. Still not sure why this was happening with Canada and not other countries but this should eliminate the issue with customers.