Can You Show Inventory Count When Using Product Options?

Is it possible to show the inventory count when using product options? I want to be able to show what I actually have in stock.

Example - I have key chains that are available in different colors.

If the customer selects blue, I would like for it to show that 2 are available.

If the customer selects purple, I would like for it to show that 5 are available.

If the customer selects red, I would like for it to show those are out of stock.

Does this function exist or is there another way to do this?

what version arre you using, if older version the product option combinations allow this see here

if new version then yes see new product variations


Thank you for your response. I'm using the most current available, version 4.10.3. I had used production options before so I expected to find what I needed there but I figured I was missing some checkbox to get it to work.

I've watched the video twice and read the instructions. I'm more confused than I was before. I think it might be easier to just create separate products.

Thanks for your help.

That way is like seperate products, but related to main. Remember too many similar products can be bad for seo.

Think of them as features and many features can be "child" of 1 parent. This is done by adding the name code etc.

So for instance Key Chain (product code 123) would be the parent


silver key chain code 123silv would have master varaition for parent code as 123
black key chain code 123black would have master varaition for parent code still as 123

so they all know they are realted to the main product.

Then all variations are treated like normal products, weight, image,taxes etc etc.

similar to below , these are t shirts that come in 5 sizes and colours, JC001 is the master, the rest are variants



Thank you. Maybe by looking at your example it will start to make sense to me.

I figured out why the production "Options" didn't work for me. I had to enable the Product Option Combinations add-on. That add-on is now labeled as [Deprecated] so it wasn't automatically installed. Without it installed, I received a 404 (Page Not Found) when I tried to edit the in stock amount. An error message with an explanation would have been nice.