Can You Require Name, Address, Phone Number For Subscribers?

Is there a way to make subscribers fill in the first name, last name, phone number, etc.?

You will probably need to provide an override for "newsletters:email_subscription_block" given the file newsletters:email_subscription_block/subscribe.tpl doesn't allow for adding more fields before the "submit" button is displayed. The code should look similar to:

{hook name="newsletters:email_subscription_block"}

{* you would add additonal 'label’s and 'input’s here. There should be a hook surrounding the above 2 elements *}
{include file=“buttons/go.tpl” but_name=“newsletters.add_subscriber” alt=__(“go”)}


Copy the contents within the hook named "newsletters:email_subscription_block" to a new file named:


and modify to suit your needs. Note if you add the class 'cm-required' to the label tag(s), then that field will become required.

Thanks. I'll look in to that.