Can You Help Me About Error?

when i connect to my site. This error has happend.

Can you tell me about fix it?

Thanks you!

Duplicate entry '82473cb7f13fa32d5825dd952f13fe37_1_C' for key 'PRIMARY' (1062)
REPLACE INTO cscart_stored_sessions SELECT * FROM cscart_sessions WHERE expiry < 1433331813
Error at
app/Tygh/Database.php, line: 677
File: app/Tygh/Database.php
Line: 333
Function: _error
File: app/functions/fn.database.php
Line: 130
Function: query
File: app/Tygh/Backend/Session/Database.php
Line: 119
Function: db_query
File: app/Tygh/Session.php
Line: 210
Function: gc
File: app/Tygh/Session.php
Line: 341
Function: gc
File: app/Tygh/Session.php
Line: 468
Function: start
File: app/functions/fn.init.php
Line: 940
Function: init
File: init.php
Line: 176
Function: fn_init
File: index.php
Line: 24
Function: require

Please post it to the following thread in the bug tracker: