Can we run image import via ssh command?


Can we import images via command line ? I backed up the images using cs-cart image backup and when I try to restore it using the exported csv file , the website is dead during restore process :

# 502 Bad Gateway

Server config is PHP-FPM , Nginx is used as a Frontend server, and Apache - as a Backend .

I increase both max_excution_time and connect_timeout with no result.

Do you mean import (csv) or backup?

I exported images via export function and I got csv file together with files on server /exim/backup/images files. I need those restored via command line.

It toke 3 hours to restore 14G of images while the website hardly loaded or with nginx 502 error… does this message means that it fails ? Usually its green color when its good:

Website error while importing images or product feeds.


This notification’s default message is:

Data is imported successfully

The import can be performed from the terminal by executing the command displayed in the preset’s settings.

I’m taking about images import via Admin-import- images , not products import via products import.

There is no such import in the default CS-Cart.

Can you please check CSV image import issue - from 4GB backup to 50G restored files

Please take a look

Hey, but this is the part of the Products import. Not just the Images import.