Can We Enforce Shipment Tracking On Orders?


We are trying to encourage our sellers to add their shipment tracking details to their orders and to mark their orders as "complete" . However, we are finding that since several sellers are using Shopify or Etsy as their primary platform, they are not closing out these orders in our CSCart multivendor system.

Any recommendations on how to enforce this? Currently we do not have any visibility into whether an order as indeed shipped without a seller manually entering their shipment tracking number in our system.

If you know all the couriers that your sellers are using, you can make an addon that: 1. Restrict shipping with that couriers only. 2. Built-in Create shipment that seller will choose the courier he cooperates (that means he will have courier’s API credentials) and every time they create shipment from their cs cart’s admin panel the tracking number will be added in that order along with which carrier was used. 3. Ability to print voucher (at shipment order). Bonus: You can also make cron that will check tracking process and when customer receives the order turn the order to complete (or received whatever you want after the shipped status)

Hello. If you are already encouraging sellers to complete orders in MV and they are still not completing them on your store side, then it might be worth trying to solve this issue technically.

For example, when changing the status of an order on the side of their platform, change the status of the order in your store through an API request to the website.