Can Vendors Add Variants To Features?

We are facing a huge problem to structure a type of feature that ours products have. I found an old topic that is about a similar problem, but I am not sure if is it possible or not vendors to add variant to product. This is the topic:

We have a Feature that work similarly to an author information and we are an autopublishing platform is impossible to our team add every possible author in the world. We can't setup this feature as a simple additional information because users use this information to filter products and here is the problem.

So, my point is, can vendors add variants to features? I tried the solution that are avaialable in the topic above, but seems that none is working anymore.

I made some additional testes and vendors can add terms to products, but it’s not a very intuitive process at first time. Vendors need to start typing the term and if the term is not found as an option a "add a new item" appear in the box.