Can use some help here

if you notice on the sub cats it is showing the msg that is in the main cat how can i delete the msg in the sub cats yes i need advice on if i need to change theme i am using one of the 2.2.5 version thank you in advance i need to know which theme will work better for a small engine parts store

What “msg” are you talking about? The category description? A screen shot would definitely help or a better description.

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What “msg” are you talking about? The category description? A screen shot would definitely help or a better description.


i am needing some info on what i need to do to remove the words below each image if you notice it is the exact words that are on the main cat description

You want to remove the subcategory names from the images? You will have to modify the template that lives down in skins/basic/customer/views/categories somewhere. It could possibly reside in the list templates too depending on what view you are using for category display.

if you go here to this page you will see the sub cats in the middle with the images and under the images is the name of the sub cat but under that it is showing what i have listed in the main cat description what im needing help with is to remove that text so all that shows is the image and the text describing the sub cat for example on the image of the air filter it needs to say under the image mcculloch air filter parts only not showing the description field again

any help will be appreciated thanks

You must have answered your own question since I only see the sub-category name under the images of the sub-categories.

yep i did i saw on the knowledge base how to fix the problem but i want to know how to i edit the colors on the default green theme im using version 2.2 still until i learn the 3.0 version i will be using the one im use to i want to change the color scheme on the default green to the green color i would like a brighter color and the white background i want to change to say a darker color that is easier on the eyes

You need to research and learn how to use firebug (or other browser based debuggers) so you can identify what the css code is related to the objects you want to change and where that css code is located.

I would suggest that you also set up the my_changes addon to load your own css which will override what's in the distributed files so that when it's time to upgrade, you won't lose your changes.