Can this work for selling printing?

Will this shopping cart work for a product that has lots of attributes. I'm a printer and would like to be able to for example on my business card page, have a attribute for quantity, size, extra finishes, etc… and each would have a different price. So if someone chooses 5000 business cards it would be more or if they choose to add some finishes to there business card the price would go up.

Can CS-cart do this?

For the most part, absolutely… Where you will come up against issues is when you have quantity discount for volume (I.e. buy 5000 cards versus 500) and having the added amount for the options selected being relative to the quanity. However, if your products are defined around quantities (I.e. 100, 1000, 5000) and your option selections are unique to each product, then you'll be fine.

But (as far as I know) there is no quantity discount ability for options… Though you might be able to provide a discount to the total using Promotions… But that would probably be confusing if someone is just browsing the site looking at products and prices.