Can this be done ???

I am trying to setup my CS-Cart website using the same layout format that my printed catalog uses.

I have worked with the product configurator to accomplish this but can not get it to work correctly. Is it possible to enter one product description (no base code or price) and have multiple options with different order codes, short descriptions, and prices, as shown in the (catalog_example.jpg) ?

I would like to avoid having to enter each part separate into my shopping cart. I want a customer to be able to go into a (general) product, with a group of part options, selecting one or (all) with a check box and adding them into their cart.

I would be willing to pay a developer to instruct me how to do this, or make me a few sample parts with a CSV file that I can continue adding new parts into. I would also consider a MOD addon that would let me do this if required.

I am using V2.0.7