Can Someone Sue For Website Lookalike

Wow, what an odd coincidence, your site does look quite similar to! :smiley:

Perhaps this forum post will help with your confusion, LOL!


Yes… please just think of us all as idiots!!, thats a great way to get answered posts

[quote name=‘bigjmart’]I purchased a template from and love it, when I purchased it, installed it, and built my site, i see that it looks like a copy of Take a look. vs.

Can walmart come after me for doing something.

Obviously my site will not take off like walmart’s has but can they get mad over the design of the site?[/quote]

I would sue you without a second thought. Literally.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy :rolleyes:

I would like to take a peek at this website, but I don’t see the link…

Why does everyone keep responding to this guy? He has added nothing in any post he’s every submitted. He shoots stuff out from the hip, never does any of his own research and then never provides any solutions or answers he discovers… Just a drain on the forum…