Can someone please help

i am trying to put a chat code on the site. Can some one tell me how to do it since this is my prob.

When I try to go to the homepage (in the backend) and in one of the blocks (top where you say welcome) i try to go to html and drop the code in BUT when I hit update it goes to a 404 page ant be displayed crap. I have access to ftp as well as file manager and the admin panel so if someone can tell me how to drop the code on the site that will be great. In general because of this 404 page crap, i cant do the find or livechat which I was trying to use zopim and the find and both give me the same error page.

I hope you follwed that.



Hello Steve!

Why don't you use Live Help add-on? It works ok. Just log into your CS-Cart administration panel and go to Administration → Add-ons, Find Live Help add-on in the list and press Install button. Then go to Design → Blocks and create a block with Live Help content.

I think Live Help add-on is available only for CS-Cart Professional. Do you use CS-Cart Professional or Community version?

Best regards, Alt-team

I figured it out.

Yea, im using proff. but the problem is that when I do all that I do not see how to talk or signin to livechat so the website ALWAYS shows OFFLINE. So I said screw it and went witn zopim which i have working with no problems. BTW, How does one UPDATE cs cart? I have errors on cs cart that an update would probably fix. Do you know HOW to put a upc on cs cart without making it the product code? Thanks again


you can try this

You get FREE 14-DAY PREMIUM FEATURES and then to basic package.

To see the chat widget on your site, simply copy and paste one line of script just before in your index.php.

You can also chat with website visitors just by downloading an IM client on your phone. I personaly like Gtalk. All Chats are synced across IM and Dashboard.


This also works: Zopim Live Help add-on - Hints & Modifications - CS-Cart Community Forums


I installed Zopim without any difficulty. Here is what I did.

I went administration and then to the blocks page and made a new HTML block and inserted the code from Zopim. I installed this block. on the default page in the grid next to the payment block. Worked without any problems. Hope this helps.

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