Can someone help

My website in the Desktop version it’s creating a huge space between the banners and dots. I have banners on

Home page -----

(the problem is with the Desktop version. I was able to fix the mobile version space but I have no idea how I did it)

Search Results ------

(mobile version and desktop version creates the space)

Product -----

(mobile version and desktop version are creating the space)

The only one not creating the space is the mobile version Home Page banners. I have been looking everywhere for a solution, CS Cart documents, forum, and there is no way to find a solution

oddly enough the space goes away once you get to the 5th banner on the home page, 4th banner on search result page as well as the product page. once the space goes away, it then does not return unless you refresh the page
(As seen on MS Edge desktop)

I know that but I need to know why

Cant inspect as right click has been disabled, ctrl shift & I doesnt help

Try to disable banners in the carousel one by one. Possibly there is a problem with specific banner or image

I did check what is happening and looks like when banners are loading the Carousel dots are out of place until banners load completely. Doesn’t have any sense, but it’s the problem. I did activate 2 banners and everything was fine. I did try 2 different banners every time and were working fine, then I did with 3 and dots were out for a few seconds, once the 4th was added the time to load was longer. So, even if banners are loading that space should not exist. Is a carousel behavior due to banners loading.

It is required to examine issue directly on your server. We never faced such issue with owl carousel