Can someone help me do a quick hack?

Most of the time, my customers order single items. So often in fact that when the order is for more than one item, it gets overlooked and a single item is sent.

I’d like the invoice to print the amount in RED when it’s more than 1 item.

I figure I need to change the skins/xxx/mail/orders/invioce.tpl file. Possibly this line…


But I don’t know how to do an “IF” statement to fix this. Do you?

Never mind, I think I’ve managed to do it myself! yay! :slight_smile:

want to post your code for me bud?

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]want to post your code for me bud?[/QUOTE]

Sure. This is my first smarty change, so if you spot any problem let me know.


{if $oi.amount > 1 }



Hi argentice

Your first is always the best, very nice.


I can see more hacks coming :rolleyes:

Hey nice mod I like it. Mind if I steal it?

Of course, go for it. I have to point out though, that this is what is emailed to the cutomer also, so it’s not just an internal thing. I have no idea how to make it just for MY benefit, but it’s no biggy either :wink:

At some point I will create a “Print Packing List” button which will do the same thing at this hack, but it’s OK for now.