Can Softwaresuggest People Be Trusted?

Recieved an email from Yan asking to leave a review of CS-Cart

with a reward of 25 support credits.

I wasn't motivated by the credits but rather helping promote a great cart.

SoftwareSuggest asked for verification that I was a real CS-Cart user

and I sent a screen shot from my Help Desk.

GAK!! I was tired and realised 'after' that the screen shot included my

active license number.

What can happen ?

If they are untrustworthy can I lose my store ?

Doubtful, CS know that licence is registered to you:)

Thanks johnbol1. It was possible that someone could have used my license number

to activate a cart and it might have 'appeared' that it was me doing it. I know I could

prove that I owned the license but my store could have been shut down temporarily.

Contacted support and they re-issued my license and blocked the old one.

Potential problem solved. Note to self to take care in future.