Can same email address be used for more than one account?

In my store (yet to be launched), I envisage that some customers will want to become vendors.

Currently, if they have created a customer account, cs-cart doesn’t allow them to create a vendor account using the same email address. Is there a way to allow more than one ‘account’ per email?

I would probably just want to limit it to 2 ‘accounts’ per email (to allow for 1 customer account and 1 vendor account per email address).

Could someone point me in the right direction?


An account can only be of types administrator, vendor or customer - otherwise, how would the cart know how to limit the users access?

If the customer-turned-vendor only has one e-mail address, it shouldn't make any odds to them. Just change their user group from customer to vendor. Customers > Users > Edit > Account Type: Vendor.

thank for your reply.

So it would have to be a manual change by admin? Which is going to annoy my potential sellers who start out as a customer, and then try to register as a seller. So I guess the only solution would be to have a message saying something like: “if you already have a customer account and wish to register as a seller on the same email address, please contact us”

To enable the customers' ability to alter their user group, you should enable the “Allow customer to signup for user group” setting on the Settings > General page of your CS-Cart admin panel.

Thus, a customer can log in, go to the Edit Profile page, and select their User Type. IE. Change from Customer to Vendor.

It would be adviseable to highlight this somewhere in the vendor sign-up process to bring it to the attention of the customer/vendor.