Can Orders Be Reviewed By Admin Before It Is Visible To Vendor


In CSCart MVE we can change the settings so that new users and products should be reviewed and approved by admin before they can access/be displayed in the store.

Similarly, is it possible that once buyer places an order, before the order is submitted for vendor review or is visible in the vendor panel, we can set for the store admin to review and approve the order . The order that may require approval will depend on some conditions like a payment method type, mostly for off market payments like COD.

Members please post your views.



The checkbox for "notify vendor" in the Order Status setup screens should work for you. Orders with payment methods that do NOT have a processor_id are left in the Open status. So simply having the box unticked for vendor email should do what you want for those types of payments (cod, check, phone, etc.).

Note that Admin will see the parent order. I'm not sure if status of parent order is propagated to the children by default or not. So changing it to processed might require you to do that for the child orders too which would then trigger an email to the vendors if the checkbox is ticked for the processed status.