Can I remove the + in Variant drop down?

I am working on product variants because some of our products come in different sizes. I have set the price of the product to $0 and used variants for the prices of the different sizes. This is the only way I could figure out to get it to work because each product size has its own product code.

Here is an example:


How can I remove the + before each price? i would just like it to say:

8mm ($0.24)

9mm ($0.20)

instead of:

8mm (+$0.24)

9mm (+$0.20)

How can I remove the plus sign or is there a simpler way to accomplish this?

I just want to list the prices of each size.

I will attach a screenshot of what I have now.

Thanks so much!



I have a very similar question: I want to display the full price for variant options. Instead of the price to state +5 +10 etc, I just want to list the full price.

How do I do this?

The only way I figured out how to do it, was to set the product price to 0, and set the variants as the actual price. But unfortunately I can figure out how to remove the + sign.


Maybe this could do it