Can I have a per item shipping amount?

Can I have a per item shipping amount?


Currently my shipping is simply by dollar amount so up to $100 is $10 shipping, 101 to 200 is $15 and so on.

Shipping to all countries is the same and there are no FedEx or UPS options only the mail.

However, I have a few very light weight products that cost almost nothing to ship. So I want to keep my existing shipping settings but change products that are light weight to a flat $1 per item.

Case 1

So example if only product A is ordered which is light weight I want shipping to be $1 - currently the minimum shipping is $10

Case 2

$80 in heavy products Plus $60 for 2 light weight products = $140 total and $15 shipping

Instead I want it to be $10 shipping + $2 (2 x $1) for light weight products for a total of $12

Note I do not use weights for my products and it would not be easy to add them as I have many products with different weights.

Is what I am trying to do not possible without a modification?