Can I have a 3rd option appear only when 1 other option is selected?

Hi, I want to know if I can set up product options to where 1 option combination set appears only when 1 of 2 other options is selected. Is this possible?

For example, let’s say I’m offering a widget. I want to set it up so that 1 option is the widget itself & the other option is the widget as a set with other things that compliment it. If the set is selected, I want the other option fields to appear that are for the other items in the set. Make sense?

I figured this out. I created an option combination exception & in settings, selected “Hide Exception Variants” for the Exception Style. This does what I want.

Hi Brennie, can i see this in operation on your site Im having trouble figuring this out.

what I am trying to do is if someone selects Option 1 in the first select box then option 1,3 and5 ONLY show in the second select box.Then if they select option 2 in the first box then 2,4and 6 only show up in the second box.?



Brennie369 how did you achieve this?

I am looking for similar functionality for my website but cannot get this working.

Your help will be appreciated … thanks

What Brennie has I think is just different options showing in the same list. This is done by using the exceptions link immediatley under the product option after you create it and then tell it which ones to omit when others are selected see here.

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

what I want is… lets say i have option 1 of “Print required” Yes/No.

if customer selects yes then I want the previously invisible option of “print colours” to appear with the options of red,green,etc,etc available for selection

so I only want the whole other option to show if certain option has been previously selected…anyone know if this is possible.



You can vote to have this feature added to a future version of the cart in the Ideas forum:


You can also add any comments or additional requirements in this Feature request thread:



Hi Sorry for my late response - I never got an email saying there were new posts.

Anyway, I don’t think it’s possible to make the secondary option invisible… but it makes it a little faded so it can’t be selected. You can see how it works on my site here: [URL=“”] On the tart melter option where it says Tart Melter Only, chose that drop down & select Tart Melter Set. You’ll see the Fragrance option becomes available so they can select the fragrance of the tart melts that go with the melter.

The how-to’s have been posted above already by me & by John.

The proper solution to this is crating truly conditional options - options that are “children” of other options are that are unavailable until the parent option is set.


Can we do this as the cart stands now Bob,I have looked and cant see?? or are you talking about thats how it would work if functionality existed.